Isabel Waidner (b. 1974) writes fiction. Published works include the novels Frantisek Flounders (8fold, 2011), & Bubka (8fold, 2010). Most recently, Waidner contributed to the Dictionary of Lost Languages (2015), that also includes work by Sarah Wood, Ali Smith, and Olivia Laing. Fantômas Takes Sutton (2016) is published at 3:AM Magazine, and Avant-Ice (2016) at Minor Literature[s]. For a list of publications, performances, awards, see CV.

Waidner is Co-Editor of The Arrow Maker: Journal For Language & Experimentation (8fold), and Managing Editor of Subjectivity (Palgrave). She holds a PhD (2016) from Roehampton University, Department of English and Creative Writing.

Waidner had a previous career as a musician. Lastly with the band Klang, she toured internationally and released records on UK indie labels Rough Trade (2003) and Blast First (2004).

An EU citizen, Waidner has lived in London since 1996.



Waidner, I. (2011) Frantisek Flounders, London/Munich: 8fold.

Waidner, I. (2010) Bubka, London/Munich: 8fold.


Waidner, I., Matthews, D., Hiratsuka, K. (2004) No Sound Is Heard, London: Blast First. PTYT 01. Vinyl & CD.

Waidner, I., Matthews, D., Hiratsuka, K. (2003) L.O.V.E./Nothing, London: Rough Trade/For Us. FU 024. Vinyl.

Waidner, I. (1999) Kopfhören EP, London: Law and Auder Records. LA 06. Vinyl.

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