Queers Read This @ICA

Queers Read This is a literature event series that isn’t boring.’

Queers Read This is an ongoing ICA event series presented by writer Isabel Waidner and artist Richard Porter, celebrating the work of innovative LGBTQI+, Black, POC and working-class writers. The events feature readings of texts which work across intersectional systems of oppression and challenge formal distinctions between prose and poetry or critical and creative writing.

Queers Read This (4) takes place on 7 Nov 2019, 7pm. Themes range from rolling the r’s and queerness in Honolulu (R. Zamora Linmark), feminist healthcare and collective intimacy (Clay AD), the erasure of black writers from the Western 20th century canon (Shola von Reinhold), trannies, tyranny and the end of the world (Alison Rumfitt), queer modern poetry, planes and ocean floors (Richard Porter), and novels in progress (Isabel Waidner).



Queers Read This, audience

Queers Read This @ICA

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