Queers Read This @ICA

 24th May 2018

Queers Read This is a literature event that isn’t boring.’

Readings and performance by Richard Porter, Abondance Matanda, Nisha Ramayya, Timothy Thornton, Isabel WaidnerJoanna Walsh, and music by Charlie Porter.

Presented by artist Richard Porter and writer Isabel Waidner, this reading event features various texts working across intersectional systems of oppression, formal distinctions between prose and poetry or critical and creative, and other associated disciplines of art, performance, literature and film. Readings contain themes of queer joy (Porter), black homes as art galleries (Matanda), states of the body produced by love (Ramayya), magpies and swallows (Thornton), gaudy baubles (Waidner) and the wish to be loved by someone that isn’t capitalism (Walsh).


Queers Read This @ICA