Gaudy Bauble (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2017)

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“I’m besotted with this beguiling, hilarious, rollocking, language-metamorphosing novel. The future of the queer avant-garde is safe with Isabel Waidner.” Olivia Laing


*Gaudy Bauble was shortlisted for the Republic of Consciousness Prize 2018*


Gaudy Bauble stages a glittering world populated by GoldSeXUal StatuEttes, anti-drag kings, Gilbert&George-like lesbians, maverick detectives, a transgender army equipped with question-mark-shaped helmets, and birds who have dyke written all over them. Everyone interferes with the plot. No one is in control of the plot. Surprises happen as a matter of course: A faux research process produces actual results. Hundreds of lipstick marks reanimate a dying body. And the Deadwood-to-Dynamo Audience Prize goes to whoever turns deadestwood into dynamost. Gaudy Bauble stages what happens when the disenfranchised are calling the shots. Riff-raff are running the show and they are making a difference.

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Selected reviews:

Toothsome Prose: A round-up of experimental fiction” by Rosie Snajdr, The Times Literary Supplement

Vanguard Collectibles: Isabel Waidner’s Gaudy Bauble” by MH, 3:AM Magazine

Back to the literary future” by Michael Caines, The Times Literary Supplement

Published excerpts:


The Quietus

Minor Literature[s]


Swimmers’ Club


Writer Joanna Walsh chooses Gaudy Bauble as one of her three favourite current books. Listen here.

Gaudy Bauble (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2017)

The Arrow Maker 2 (eds. Ruth Hoeflich & Isabel Waidner)

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The Arrow Maker 2 (8fold, 2017) is a literature/art journal co-edited by Ruth Hoeflich & Isabel Waidner. Featuring original work by Jen Calleja, Stefano Calligaro, Julia Calver, Prudence Chamberlain, Anna Gibbs, Allison Grimaldi-Donahue, Philipp Gufler, Ruth Hoeflich, Judith Kakon, Adam Knight, Sonya Lacey, Megan Plunkett, Scott Rogers, Mira Mattar, Suzanne Mooney, Isabel Waidner, Eley Williams, Bernadette Wolbring, & Sarah Wood. Published digitally. ISSN 2055 2211.

The Arrow Maker 2 (eds. Ruth Hoeflich & Isabel Waidner)