THE ARROW MAKER 1 (eds. Ruth Hoeflich & Isabel Waidner)

T.A.M. is an underground print journal. Issue 1 (2015) features original works by Sara Ahmed & Sarah Franklin, Lisa Blackman, Matthew Fuller, Ruth Hoeflich, Sue Tompkins, Vanda Playford, Tahani Nadim, Jay Bernard, Sissu Tarka, Rebecca Bligh, Fay Nicholson, Peter Kirby, Ian Warner, Mirene Arsanios, Caitlin Murray, Holly Pester, Mujie Li Vesper, & Isabel Waidner. ISSN 2055-2203. Published by 8fold.

Arrow Maker EditorialArrow Maker Editorial1

To purchase a copy at £15, please email isabelwaidneratgmaildotcom. Or purchase a copy at Tome Records at DIY Space for London.


THE ARROW MAKER 1 (eds. Ruth Hoeflich & Isabel Waidner)



Isabel Waidner’s novel Gaudy Bauble (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2017) is out now. Camp Crystal (2017) is published at Queen Mob’s, New Romantic & Tender Hearts (2016) is published at Berfrois, Fantômas Takes Sutton (2016) is published at 3:AM Magazine, and Avant-Ice (2016) is published at Minor Literature[s]. As part of the band Klang, Waidner released records on Rough Trade (2003) and Blast First (2004). She co-edits The Arrow Maker (a lit/art journal), and she is the organiser of an event series on Queer & Trans Writing at Goldsmiths Centre for Feminist Research. She is a lecturer in the English and Creative Writing Department at Roehampton University, London.